presents: Firearms Safety 101

Firearms Safety 101

Nearly every adult or child will encounter a firearm at some point during their lifetime.
Knowing how to safely handle and be around a firearm can save lives.
Teaching children and adults firearms safety can help save you from disastrous outcomes.
Firearms safety education is vital for everyone as the ignorance of not understanding firearms safety can lead to unhealthy consequences.
I hope to see Firearms Safety placed back into schools so that the education can help prevent unnecessary risks to children as well as adults. Our schools are there for education and firearms safety is a much needed portion of real life education.
Schools used to teach the safety courses and they should reinstate them.
Sadly, each year we lose children and adults due to firearms ignorance and safety education can help to lower those unfortunate loses.

*Saftey Rules*

Teaching children and adults firearms safety can save lives.
Safety education is wise as the ignorance of firearms can too often lead to unhealthy consequences.

Learning about firearms, how to respect them while not fearing them and how to safely be around them can not only maintain the safety around you but you might just find the sport of firearms very enjoyable as well.

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